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Working with Joey has opened up many opportunities for me to use my potential when it comes to writing music for television.Through his knowledge and experience as a composer / producer, he has shown me what it's actually like working in this industry. While under his mentorship, he has always been willing to give insight and feedback to improve my writing skills while also encouraging me whenever I feel stuck writing a track. He has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and dive into new writing styles that are necessary for television. I feel very grateful to have been connected with Joey in the start of my career as a music composer.

-Joshua Lopez 2016

"This mentorship has been a very valuable experience in learning about writing music & sound design for television. Joey has a very straight forward approach and is easy to work with. For example, providing feedback on my tracks in order to improve them as well as see where a track can go. I Would highly recommend this course."

-Jordan 2016

This mentorship provided me with many opportunities to get inside studios and post-houses and witness how they operate.  I also learned how to use a lot of important equipment during one-on-one sessions with my teacher which not only improved my skill set but also gave me a view of what kinds of industry grade tools were available to me.  It was an inspiring experience that I am grateful for.
-James J. 2014

Our son is a Music Major with a focus on writing and composition and wanted/needed “real world” experience in the area of writing for commercials, video games and sound tracks. We approached Joey on the recommendation of a mutual associate, and as a father “footing the bill” so to speak, I feel that overall the experience was a good value.


Besides being an industry professional and pretty nice guy, Joey took a real interest in working with our son, and even considering the distance (we live in N. California and he in the South) he had a tailored lesson plan and very close communication via Skype and phone. Although distance limited the frequency, our son also was able to be in the studio working with Joey shoulder to shoulder gaining valuable experience in areas of work flow, mixing techniques etc..


Over the course of a year the relationship resulted in our son learning valuable industry skills required for his area of interest by a mentor that is doing it in real time, and he is now published. As a musician myself, I would recommend considering Joey if you really want a no BS guide through any number of areas that pertain to making a living at music production.

-Steve R. 2015

I love working with Joey Peters. We’ve done hundreds of cues for film and TV as well as dozens of songs for bands and artists. He is easy to work with and has a vast knowledge of music and the music business. Joey is one of the most creative people I know. He’s is a brilliant drummer and musician. And he’s turned out to be a great friend and confidante.


-Rich McCulley, songwriter-producer 2021

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