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Taiko Glorious - Epic Percussion And Sound Design

A sonic assault of taiko drums, percussion and sound design featuring massive impacts, gongs, tribal drums, fx, cymbals, scrapes, drones and synth pulses.

Cinematic Soundscapes 4

Advanced musical sound design featuring dark, distorted cues and rhythmic pulses with percussion, analog synthesis, hits and risers

Time Pulses, Percussion & Sound Design

Time pulses, tick-tocks, heartbeats and sound design tension cues featuring pulsating percussion, electronics, risers, massive impacts, metal hits and action trailer backends.

Cybernetic Apocalypse - Futuristic Dystopian Action

A futuristic battleground of action hybrid buildups featuring driving drums, distorted synths, hits, FX and pulses designed for gaming and trailers

Cinematic Soundscapes 5

Advanced musical sound design featuring atmospheric and twisted cues with percussion, analog synthesis, pulses, risers and hits

Riding Trains

Throwback classic country/western songs straight from the ol' jukebox

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