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Learn about writing music for film, TV, trailers, commercials and music libraries. Improve your recording, mixing, songwriting and production skills, learn to create sound design, and more.


Direct one on one interaction with your mentor weekly. Access to trailers, commercials, cartoons, sound design and almost all of the projects that the mentor is working on. Weekly updates and creative reviews of your work.



  • How to recognize and develop your strengths with writing and production.


  • How to score to picture, how to score commercials, trailers and sound design.


  • How to arrange and develop your music.


  • How to record a good demo.


  • Recording fundamentals, tracking, mixing, and an overview of midi and plugins.


  • How to navigate the changing music industry.


  • Discuss different career paths and how best to prepare for that.


  • How do music libraries work, and how to create a demo for them.


  • Learn about music publishing and licensing for TV.


  • Develop music for games, cartoons, and sound design.


  • Cover different equipment overviews-and DAWs.




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